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"Fuck you, Jonny."

Talk sense to a fool and he calls you foolish.

Too bad you don't have curly hair.
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Or could it be that me and he are tighter than R Kelly in his teens?

Sam your the type of person people write books about

I wish I was cool but I'm just a girl from Winnipeg

Holy shit my hands!

So we baked a cake...
No not cake!
We baked a pie,
Not pie Noe pie!
Pizza we baked a pizza.

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I am not a suburd boy!
and I love strange manners

I'm differently ugly.

"Whoa the Turtle Island Clinic?! I didn't know they had a clinic just for Turtles!"

Shut up about it....

Clearly my user info page rocks.
...err at least it used to.

I am sam. That is all you need to know.
Before I talk to you, put on some pants.

You will be missed.
I miss German Dinner Theatre!

Fat people to the fridge, all fat people report to the fridge

'Goddammit, I want a quickie!'

Everything he says makes me want to punch him in the face!

'All I can think when stupid people talk is, "Ah SHUT UP YOUR STUPID!"'

"This better not be gay..."
"Don't worry it will be very heterosexual"

You can go back to camp and take your pants off?

'My scarf isn't working...'

It's the devil...no...wait a minute...its just a coke machine.

Cause no one deserves to be harrased for just three cents a day.

Hey thats where we took my dad!
Sam, thats the womans clinic.

Founder of the society for the ethical treatment of Carnies

I wish I was as cool as Robert deniro playing Jean val Jean in great expectations.

Fan of:(Things that I am seriously obsessed about) Puppets who kill <3, Welcome to the dollhouse, Edward Norton, Buzz, American Hotrod, Ronald Dahl, The Royal Tenebaums, Jared Leto, Brendan Sexton Jr., Meryl Streep, Ryan Phillipe, America's next top model, kaufka, Curly hair, Julian Casablancas, Tron, Short Circut, Angels in America, Daniel Negreanu, Gangsta number one, Paul Bettany, David Blaine, Joaquin Phoenix, Kids in the hall, Celebrity poker, Strongbad and the cheat, Conan O'brian, pikachu, jesus, the L word, Tim Robbins, Jeff Gordon, Leonardo DiCaprio, Aressted Development, Tom Green, James Remar, The Warriors, CSI, William Peterson, Jason Bateman, Jorja Fox, Kenny Vs. Spenny, Harry Potter Movies/Books, George Eads, Uma Thurman <3, Mary Louise Parker, Weeds, Rescue Me, Chole Sivengy and more to come when I can think.

Not a fan of: Mary kate and Ashley Olsen, Paris Hilton, Avril Lavinge, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt(for the love of god I hate him, and I mean...well dislike then), Real Canadian Supertores, stupid people, TOM CRUISE (Don't even get me started!), homestarrunner, Blink 182, Simple plan, emo people, 12 to 14 year olds (Except the cool kind, or maybe the not cool kind), people who think they are cool and are definitly not and more to come.

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I-I didn't kill him. He-he wa-was like a father to me.

Movies I have seen:

Welcome to the Dollhouse | Artifical Intellegence | Empire of the Sun | American History X | Fight Club | Hurricane Streets | Desert Blue | Happy, Texas | Midnight Express | Blow | Almost Famous | Duets | The Butcher Boy | Gummo | Recquim for a Dream | Trainspotting | Royal Teneumbaums | Monster | Full Metal Jacket | Saving Private Ryan | Platoon | Predator | Total Recall | The Client | Pelican Brief | Fargo | Pulp Fiction | Resivior Dogs | Dead Man Walking | Studio 54 | Sweet Sixteen | Sixteen Candles | The Breakfast Club | Big Fish | Mumbo Italiano | Fear | The Boiler Room | The Gift | Gone in 60 seconds | A Clockwork Orange | Delorious Claybourne | Primal Fear | Gangster Number One | Spun | Stand By Me | Jacobs Ladder | Bastard out of California | Personal Verlocity | The Basketball Diaries | Drugstore Cowboy | California | Fast times at Ridgemont High | Apt Pupil | The Island | Lost in Translation | The Shawshank Redemption | 12 Monkeys | Gangs of New York | Way of the Gun | Traffic | Harry Potter 1 to 3 | Jackie Brown | Out of Africa | My Fair Lady | Clay Pigeons | Benny and Joon | Cry Baby | To Die For | Signs | American Psyco | Felica's Journey | A life less ordinary | Stealing Harvard | Bully | Session 9 | Edward Scissorhands | U-Turn | Good Will Hunting | The lost boys | Arlington Road | Boys don't cry | The Warriors | Rain man | A fish called Wanda | Thelma and Louise | Sin City | Party Monster | Taxi Driver | Carny | Fear | Wedding Crashers | Serenity | Dog Day Afternoon | 8MM | Planes, Trains, and Automoblies | Hot Shots | A fish called Wanda | Rent | A street car named Desire | War of the Worlds | Kill Bill 1 & 2 | Mean Creek | Dead poet's Society | Bottle Rocket | Death to Smoochy | Even cowgirls get the blues | Spun | One flew over teh cokos nest | Buffalo '66 | The Station Agent | Rent | Twist | Happiness | The Boys Club | Adaption | Walk the line | Ice Age 1 & 2 | Virgin suicides | My Own Private Idaho | Croupier | Flower and Garnet | American Dreamz | Hustle & Flow | Get rich or die tryin' | The Weight of Water | Rock star | Down in the Valley | My Super Ex Girlfriend | Idlewild | The DaVinci Code | School of Rock | Party Monster | Its the Rage |

When you call my name, it's like a little prayer.
I'm down on my knees, I want to take you there.

John: "Duff, a slingshot is not a weapon. It's a toy."

Duff: (Aims tiny baby in a green slingshot at John's face)"Well, maybe you'd like to define the word for me while this plastic baby smashes into your tempal at 180 miles per hour!"

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Edward Norton is the best actor in the world love

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Lyrical Genius

"Hey Andrew guess my weight."
"No lower."
"LOWER, dumbass."

Gaia Sam!

Okay, who’d like a banger in the mouth?
Oh, right. I forgot.
Here in the States, you call it a sausage in the mouth.

We just call it a sausage.

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I think your dad just gave us permisson to do it!
You must teach me, George Micheal.
You must teach me the ways of the secular flesh!


Hot Tramp and Sam = <3 forever and EVER

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To check out my photography go HERE
To check out my art work go HERE

While watching Galdiator:
Man it would suck to live back then.
Yeah they don't have close captioning,
But at least they can read lips.
Andrew....they didn't have TV's.


=) !!!!! <3 @#$!%

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And I'm sorry you were thinkin I would steal your fire
Oh the heart beats in its cage....

So this is it?

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I would have to say
My all time favorite book
would have to be Johnny Cash's
Cash by Johnny Cash

My sexual experience with life

Sam tie your fuckin shoes.
Adrea, live a little...don't tie your shoes.
Yes cause I love randomly tripping.
Hey it adds something to my life. Good stories to tell.

And you know you live in Winnipeg when.....

Get yourself a lawyer and a gun

Sam if you were walking down the street,
I would think you were insane,
and would proceed to cross to the other side.

I just don't understand why the cousin in a tent?

Yeah thats weird, your cousin the tent.

I'm siging all my emails that way;
Sincerly your cousin, the tent.

Alright back to the tent at hand.
Shit! I mean task, TASK at hand.